Open Minds

There are days when you just walk your street and suddenly your mind creates an idea. Something fresh, new, cool. You know what I’m talking about?
It happens to me quite often. Everytime I’m a bit confused about what to do with this idea. Write it down? Of course I don’t have time to start the project and finally the idea is described somehwere on my harddrive or lost forever.

Last three days I spent with my girlfriend on a countryside and, of course, a lot of ideas came to my mind. One of them is to create something like SourceForge but only for ideas. You can log in, write down your idea and from this moment anyone can use it to create a project. It cannot be patented anymore, it can’t be lost and anyone who has some free time, and wants to code something can search this site and look for interesting ideas.
I believe that such thing would fill a hole between people who want to code something/anything (students, madcaps etc.) and people who has a lot of ideas but no time to code them all…

What do you thing about this? Is there any ready-to-use software or I have to write it from scratch? Any ideas for the name? Of course all OpenMinds, OpenIdeas, Extenlligention, IdeaForge are registered 🙁

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