Second quartile

I may be biased, but I can’t stop thinking about what does it mean to have 26th birthday. It’s the moment when you realize you’re leaving the “youngest quartile” group and joining the “lower-middle quartile” – and it’s still valid only if you hope to live to 100 or above.

So, now I’m 26. Who am I? Not a teenager, not a youngster any more… kind of “middle age”? Not yet, I hope. So maybe I’m “in his twenties”? Sort of, but north of the middle point, which makes it rather wanna-keep, than wanna-be kind of description.

Overall, everything is great. I do what I love, I live how I like, hey I even may have a degree this year 😉 But it’s sooo hard to imagine that I live for 25 years already. Twenty five years is a lot. By any mean. 25 years is beyond observation scope on many levels. If you analyze 25 years you have to step back and generalize, always.

I kind of think that out of those 25, I really, consciously, lived only 10, 12, so the scope of time I think of when I think about my life is much shorter. This would mean, that when I live as much of my life as I remember, I’ll be 37, 38 and this will be still kind of “ok”, right? right?


26 from now on. Or… “Not that young anymore” I am 😉