Bad week

It was a very bad week for me. I broke up with my girlfriend, after great 1,5 year, I felt very distracted and could not focus on my tasks, and on Saturday, my aunt, Halina Szczepańska, passed away due to heart attack. 🙁 I spent today on her funeral and with our family.

It’s really strange feeling. I have very small family that shrank twice this year and in result, the nearest family I have, after my mum, is in Montreal.

Because of all this things, I’m very sorry if I didn’t respond to your email, did not attend to some meeting, or did not commit any patch for any project I’m related to. I’m trying to breath normally, but I’m sure I’m doing that very poor now and the first thing I want and need to fix now is my work stuff. I’ll try to remove the lag with other things till Monday. Forgive me that, please.

7 thoughts on “Bad week”

  1. Don’t worry buddy, after hard weeks comes these good 😉 i also had terrible week but today starts weekend so head up!!

  2. I feel really, really sorry for you. You have my deepest sympathy. But the times will turn back to good again and everything is going to be alright. I just know. Don’t ask me why. The best you can do now is to keep on living a good life and stay cool as a cucumber. Don’t give up. I wish you all the best and good luck.
    Musi musi, kali kali (est.)

  3. It was a very bad week for me too.
    My boyfriend dumped me. His friends suggest me to forget about him, take out his photos from my wallet. Noone understands what is love for me and how much it costs.
    The only person I can rely on is myself.

    Maybe someone could say to me: “Take care”, “Don’t worry buddy”, “Don’t give up. I wish you all the best and good luck” ..


  4. Hi Gandalf,

    I’m sorry for what’s happening to you these days, and particularly your aunt. It’s a fact of life that we lose loved ones and that it hurts (a lot). I can’t help but tell you how much I feel sorry for you.

    When it comes to your girlfriend, I can’t express how nice she is. But on the bright side, you’re both very young (compared to me, at last ;-), and you have plenty of time to meet new people and find someone who is “made for you”. This is particularly true with what you plan to do in the near future. So cheer up: a great life is awaiting you. What you have done so far is just the beginning, and I’m sure you’ll be doing wonderfully, on every aspect of life, whether it’s work, fun and love!


    – -Tristan

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