cd /home/gandalf&&sleep 24h

After terrorist storm over Heathrow, I finally got back home from SF through Munich, slept a lot, spend time with my gf, and decided to turn on home PC station.

Last days in MtV were crazy, first, Erikka Arone joined Flock taking lead on marketing of Flock. Before joining us Erikka sped few years in Microsoft as a product manager for Windows Mobile, and last years in Apple, as product manager for iPod – do you like iPod nano? I do. You can thank her using her new @flock email address now! 🙂

Then, we made a few lunch’o’drinkings with Paul Kim. Meeting with Paul is one of the few persistant things that I’m doing on every trip to bay area. Thank you Paul for finding time for me 🙂

Then, we organized a small lunch’o at some british place, with flockers – Willp, Jesse, Pete, Eli, Patricia, Mike, Erwan, and Mozillians – Asa Dotzler, Blake Kaplan, Jonas Sicking, and someone from Mozilla QA team who’s name I forgot 🙁

I also was able to beg Bugzilla mastah – Max Kanat-Alexander – so called mkanat, to join us there 🙂 So I can confirm. Bugzilla developers are real. At least one. They are not bots. At least one of them is not. It was a great time with you all guys! 🙂

Last meeting before my flight home, was the one at Googleplex – with Ben Goodger. Ben was one of the last Mozillians I never had chance to drink’o’lunch with. This time I mailed him and we set up a lunch’o meeting. I’m very happy to have chance to get his point of view on browsers, linux, world domination, mozilla project, usability and california roads.

Now I need to sync my laptop with PC station – I really miss that in Linux. I dream that I plug my laptop, launch my PC, using it select laptop IP and my pc guides me through synchronization of email, browser favorites, personal data, etc. KDE! Gnome! C’mon! 🙂

Quite a lot happened during last two weeks, that touches much deeper how my life looks like and how it’ll look in the near future. I’ll try to summarize it in another blog post, but.. heh, I still owe you Microsoft post. It’s half ready, but… so no more promises, back to everyday great life cycle. prost!

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  1. It’s always great to see you Gandalf. Thanks for making time to catch up, and for bringing the goods back to Marek in Poland. 🙂

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