Psychology students…

We all know that Philosophy and Psychology students hates each other. We all know that people go study psychology to cure their problems with themselves.

My theory is that they study psychology to learn about themselves by looking at their own reactions on people answers to their questions.

But that’s sth new (from Nadya, who’s studying IT):
At my faculty, we think the psychology students are the people who can’t handle the math to study AI

Sweet 🙂

One thought on “Psychology students…”

  1. I graduated in psychology and I combine math and psych in my work. Just to let you know, I think the IT guys like Nadya are enough narrow minded (or IT-filiacs) to miss those complexities of human mind that will never be explained by math/ computer models. Anyways, when she’ll be on her death-bed (hopefully in 600 years from now if the AI research manages to transfer her mind to a more efficient body), she will maybe understand that computation is not all about it is in a human mind.

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