Google at work on desktop Linux – So predictible. I’d love to see the effects of Ubuntu and Google cooperation, but on the other hand, I doubt that Linux is ready for desktop.

Google has to be patient, wait for Gnome3 or KDE4, wait till those pieces matures, it should take us a year. If they won’t be patient, they’ll just get disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Goobuntu!”

  1. Despite what you said about Google needing to be patient with KDE/Gnome, if anyone is going to make Linux the ‘next windows’, it’s Google.

  2. Ale Google ma potencjał. Ma też pieniądze. Obie rzeczy odpowiednio wykorzystane przyniosą na pewno wiele dobrego w kwestii migracji linuksa na desktopy.

  3. Well GNOME 3 is more a concept than a point on roadmap. Year from now there will be no GNOME 3.0, but GNOME 2.18 beeing two step closer to 3.0 ideas. It’s evolution. And you can’t wait for evolution 🙂

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