WP 2.0

As you might have notice already, I updated my wordpress to WP 2.0.

The upgrade process was a pleasure, as always, those guys really know how to make sth easy. One click and it’s ready. Neat 🙂

I also changed skin. When I choosed Blix, it was totally unknown theme, with some licensing problems, abandoned by it’s author. Now, it seems that 1/3 of the blog world uses it. So, it’s time to create a new trend, right? 🙂 Meet Blue Horizon with a few modifications 🙂

It’s nice, quite clean theme, I like the top image (I used it in XPDE), I like colors, I like the space, I don’t like the sidebar, and I’ll try to make it better.

If you don’t like it, give me url to any other nice WordPress theme, and I’ll add it as a choice.

I’m also going to update/write the pages that are listed above, but that’s not anywhere high on my todo list, so enjoy wp2.0 for now and I’m back to hacking bugzilla.

Thanks for any feedback

2 thoughts on “WP 2.0”

  1. I really like this skin – it’s fresh and much more Gandalf’s 🙂 that Your last one. What I’d like to change is sidebar too – I like for example the Blix one.

    From another themes, I’ve chosen some, You can look at them on:


    (I mean those website’s themes.)

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