Martial arts

I found myself spending a lot of time on a trainings. One could think that 1,5 h per day is not that much, but it’s 1,5 h of training, adding stuff like clothing, shower, road in and out, it takes around 2,5 h.
It means that since I’m working around 8 h per day, and I’m training 5-6 times per week, and I need 8 h for sleep (yes, I need a lot of sleep this times :(), I have around 4 hours of life per weekday. Weird.

About the trainings, after the longer break in the 1Q 2005, and 2 weeks of training camp, I’m trying not to loose what I made there.
This year’s training plan is quite nice, I have two days of Kyokushin fights, two boxing, two BJJ (sometimes with punching and kicking – Vale-tudo) and one training with equipment/strength.
I hope to be able to keep motivation so I can advance for 6th kyu during the winter. Cross fingers please 🙂