Web games

Thanks to my girlfriend I started playing in Dark Throne game. It’s quite nice and joyfull. The only pain is that there is a “recruiter” tool which works like a webring. You have to click 350 times to give 350 random people a citizen, and in return you have “credits” so when others will click, you will get a citizen.
People were cheating with some apps that click on some button on behalf of you. But tab with this game had to be on screen, so you’re frozen.
Firefox is amazing once more. I spent half an hour to build extension which clicks on a given button number of times with given interval. Now it takes me a second to run it, and one tab in background where it works.

I don’t know if there are other places where MultiClick extension would be usefull – if so, please tell me! I will cleanup it’s code and publish then.

By the way…

Oh, and once I started writing something…
I’m wondering if I should bring back old skin. I really like that one, but the new one (a’ka default theme) has extremly high level of usability.
And the language issue. As I previously mentioned, I’m somehwere in the middle of preparing (with Antymon) the new project. It will be a nice place for many well-known people from IT community in Poland to write some articles. No short forms, no flame, NPOV mode on, and we do hope to be more open to not-opensource people.
In result I will have a place to write in Polish, which is my native language, so here I will focus on writing in english, because there are people who want to read it. I know, my english is not perfect, but it wins with every Polish-English online translator.

We’re closer, and closer to new site for AviaryPL. I’m very happy about that. I belive that it will be the last position in our plan to have high quality infrastructure in my team. We have emails, svn, bugzilla, ftp, we and once we’ll have a project page we will be ready to claim new market of commercial, and semi commercial support for Mozilla products in Poland.

Ok. That’s it for now 🙂

Very soon…

This blog will be back online during this week. I have some problems with old content, and I want to push it back before starting new posts.

Beside, I’m working on two new projects, one of them is something like kuro5hin for polish users, second is a web browser. I can’t say more about those…