About me

Name: Zbigniew
Surname: Braniecki
Age: 34
Born: 12.11.1983
Nationality: Polish

I’m working at Mozilla as community ninja, l10n developer and evangelist. I’m also an official spokesperson for Mozilla in Poland.

I’m a member of Aviary.pl project – the official Mozilla localization team in Poland. I was localizing first Firefox and Thunderbird releases. As a member of Aviary.pl I was working also on Bugzilla and NVU localization, I’m heading Developer Mozilla Center PL right now, and I’m working on polish SuSe localization for Novell Polska.
I’m a Mozilla developer and member of Mozilla Europe Board Of Directors, and Mozilla Localization Project.

Working around Mozilla, Firefox, Bugzilla, MozillaPL, Aviary.pl, Mozilla Europe
Technologies: Java, PHP, XML, XHTML, CSS, C++ etc.

Type: I’m ENFP (another explanation) type of person

Contact: You can catch me using one of my emails: zbraniecki at mozilla.com for Mozilla related issues, zbraniecki at aviary pl for AviaryPL releated stuff, zbigniew.braniecki at gmail com for most other topics.
I’m also using Jabber, Skype, AIM, Yahoo, and IRC.